Maki Up

Maki sushi is probably the most well known type of sushi. It is a roll made of nori (algae) with rice and fish or vegetables inside. The most well known type of maki sushi is the California Roll.


Nigiri sushi consists of a small ball of rice with a slice of fish, shrimp, egg, or other topping on top of it.


Sushi Mix, apart from Maki and Nigiri, you can also find dried seaweed filled with seafood and various kinds of fish eggs. Tamago, the Japanese name for a sweet egg omelet, is also part of this mix.


Celebrating a Birthday? A new job? Or just “hanging out” together with friends? Why not try something different that will really impress your guests: Sushi Party Trays. Great as a starter or a main dish, Sushi Party combinations are always going to be a hit. We can also do larger orders for special events (wedding, banquets, corporate events).