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3. August 2015
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3. August 2015
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Looney Tunas

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(surimi, avocado, chives, egg, spinach, sesame, rice, sugar, salt, vinegar, algae, salmon, tuna, cucumber)

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If you cannot decide which maki (roll) you really want and would like to taste a bit of everything this is the choice. Vegi and fish, outside and inside-out rolls, pick and choose!

S – 6 pcs
(2 california, 2 végétarien,1 thon,1 saumon)
M – 8 pcs
(2 california, 2 végétarien,2 thon,2 saumon)
L – 10 pcs
(2 california, 4 végétarien,2 thon,2 saumon)
XL – 12 pcs
(3 california, 3 végétarien,3 thon,3 saumon)

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Additional Information


S, M, L, XL